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Past webinar "Artifical Intelligence in Cardiology"

Dear friends,

Just a quick recap of our first webinar. The Tele-Cardiology Working Group was proud to host the webinar « Artificial Intelligence in Cardiology » on June 11th.

We had the pleasure to assist to the presentations of two excellent speakers in the field: Nina Sesto from Magdalena University Clinic for Cardiovascular Diseases and vHealth Lab Ltd., Croatia/UK (“Breaking walls of telemedicine, the Magdalena University Clinic solution”) and Yann Fleureau from CardioLogs, France (“Artificial Intelligence for heart screening at scale”). The session was moderated by Dr. Alexandru Mischie (France, Chair of the WG) and Dr. Adolfo Sparenberg (Brazil, Vice-Chair of the WG), which presented the first part of the webinar some basic notions regarding artificial intelligence (What is AI? Why do we need AI? Types of AI.). We had as target audience cardiologists, computer scientists and eHealth industry, and more than 130 participants were registered from more than 20 countries.

For those interested, you can see the webinar here:



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