The Tele-Cardiology Working Group (WG) of the International Society for Telemedicine and e-Health (ISfTeH) welcomes every person who shares the common interest of e-Cardiology & eHealth (Cardiologists, IT scientists and eHealth companies).

Domain of action: the WG will adress to all domains that concern cardiology and computer science such as: eCardiology/mobile applications for clinical use, artificial intelligence, patient-hospital or hospital-hospital communication, data analysis, algorythms in cardiovascular image processing, processing bio-signals.

Our aims:

To establish strong connections between Computer Science and all subsidiaires of Cardiology care:

  • Acute Cardiac Care
  • Cardiovascular Immaging
  • Preventive Cardiology
  • Myocardial Infarction, Valvular Heart Disease and Heart Failure Care
  • Percutaneous Coronary Interventions and Electrophysiology

To disseminate updates and last breaking information to the cardiology community worldwide

To contribute to the organization and preparation of the ISfTeH newsletters, webinars and future ISfTeH events

To organize yearly scientific meetings of the WG and scientific meetings on contemporary relevant issues

To prepare position papers or consensus documents in the border zone between cardiology and computer science, to participate and support other scientific meetings, symposia or societies (such as the European Society of Cardiology or other cardiology societies)

To improve communication: use of online platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, where cardiologists and computer scientists can discuss up-to-date technological applications and clinical research in cardiology.

To encourage the participation of cardiologists in the activities of the Working Group and the ISfTeH

To address prevention and to improve diagnosis and treatment of cardiac disease through tele-science and remote devices

Board of the Tele-Cardiology Working Group

Dr. Alexandru Mischie



Head of Interventional Cardiology Department Centre Hospitalier Montlucon, France

Chair of the Tele-Cardiology Working Group ISfTeH(International Society for Tele-Medicine and eHealth)

Board Member CNCH (Collège National des Cardiologues Hôpitaux)

full CV here:

Dr. Adolfo Sparenberg



Cardiologist and Internal Medicine Physician

Founding Member of AGM Telemedicina do Brasil

ISfTeH Board Member

Chair of the ISfTeH Students Working Group

Vice-Chair of the ISfTeH Telecardiology Working Group



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Membership & Joining the Working Group on Tele-Cardiology


Cardiologists, IT scientists and eHealth companies are welcomed as members of the WG.

If you would like to join the Tele-Cardiology Working Group, you need to send a short CV at the following email adress:

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  • Present your work at ISfTeH international meetings
  • Take part in the WG
  • Be an ambassador in your country
  • Access grants
  • Increase awareness about the cardiac devices and prevention
  • Improve and harmonise computer science and cardiology
  • Make connections with international peers and leading experts
  • Find international colleagues willing to join your research projects
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Tele-Cardiology WG Research Grants
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Passionate about cardiac devices? Visit is intended to inventory of all devices used in Cardiology, in order to ease the cardiologist’s task of choosing which device is pertinent to which disease.

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Upcomming Tele-Cardiology WG webinar:

Date: June 11th, 18-19H CET
Title: Artificial Intelligence in Cardiology
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